How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Kitchen

American Roach close up on a white background

If your kitchen has an insect infestation, you need to get rid of bugs immediately. Not only are bugs unpleasant and disturbing when found in the kitchen but they are also a serious health hazard. The main reason that bugs find their way into your kitchen is the presence of food. Follow these pointers to get rid of bugs like roaches, ants and any other bug.

Use Tight Containers

Seal all food in air tight jars so that bugs cannot have access to any food.

Lay Pesticides and Traps

Place boric acid or diatomaceous earth in hard-to-reach cracks and areas of your kitchen or use various sprays meant for roaches or ants. Any of these pesticides you choose to use will be effective for several weeks.

For roaches, use roach traps that use bait. For ants, the boric acid should be enough. A homemade recipe for ants is to cut up some lemons, squeeze all over windows and sinks…ants hate the smell and your kitchen will smell fresh and lemony.

Keep Things Clean

Always remove and clean all dishes from the sink. Don't let any dishes accumulate in your sink. That is the best place for bugs to attack. Also, always wipe down all the counters regularly with a good household cleaner. Keeping your kitchen clean is time consuming but very important if you want to tackle the bug problem.

To prevent a re-infestation, make sure you keep your kitchen spotless, put all food away, and empty trash daily. Make sure you put naphthalene balls in the corners of the kitchen (bugs hate that smell), pour bleach down drains regularly and seal cracks on the exterior and interior of your home.