How to Get Rid of Depressions on Berber Carpet

Brand New Game Room With Pool and Air Hockey Tables and Berber carpeting
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-70
What You'll Need
Ice cubes
Hair dryer
Misting spray bottle (with trigger) filled with warm water
Steam iron

Berber Carpet is a low pile carpet, meaning it is fairly dense and is woven tightly together. It is a very popular choice for carpet material because of its resistance to stain, its ability to withstand high amounts of foot traffic, and its diversity in colors, style, and overall appearance. Berber carpet comes in wool, nylon, olefin, and several combinations of the aforementioned materials. Like any other carpet, Berber carpet can and will develop depressions from things such as heavy pieces of furniture. While some depressions may be permanent, below you will find a how to list for getting rid of the majority of indents in your Berber Carpeting. Note that it may take several attempts before you get rid of your Berber carpet depressions.

Step 1 - Remove Heavy Objects from the Carpet

Rearrange your room often. Remove the heavy objects from the Berber carpet or slide them to a new location. Allow your carpet to breathe for at least three to four days. Alternatively, you may use furniture glides or cups underneath the legs of the lighter furniture to reduce indents in the first place.

Step 2 - Work with Fingers

When the indents to occur, help the carpet fibers fluff back up. Work the carpet pile back into place with your fingertips. Allow it to sit for 24 to 48 hours.

Step 3 - Use Ice

ice cubes in a blue bowl

If the dent perseveres, try to chill it. Fill a Ziploc bag with several chunks of ice. Break the ice up into smaller pieces. Place the bag on the indented section of your Berber carpet. Allow the ice to melt, and remove the plastic bag from the carpet. Then use a stiff brush or a vacuum cleaner to restore the carpet to its original form and shape.

Step 4 - Use a Spoon and Heat

If an indentation remains at this point, use a spoon to further remove the indentation. The back of the spoon can help re-stretch the Berber carpet back into place. After smoothing the lines and indents with the spoon, dampen the area with spray from a water misting bottle (spray bottle). Do not over moisten. Heat the area with a dryer and work with the same spoon while heating the area with the hair dryer. The heat will help give the carpet fibers some extra play and give. The carpet fibers will become more malleable and receptive to the movement of the spoon and your fingers. Please note that if your Berber carpet is mainly made from Olefin, or a true synthetic fiber do not overhead the carpet. The Berber may begin to melt and emit a foul odor.

Step 5 - Use a Steam Iron

Clothes steamer laying on a blue shirt

Still see a Berber carpet depression? Try using a steam iron. Heat the steam iron on high steam and high temperature. Iron over (gently) the depressed area of your carpet for up to two minutes. Let the carpet rest for twenty-four hours. Your depressions will disappear and the carpet will come up just like new. Please remember, if your Berber carpet is not wool, you risk developing burn spots and melted sections from the high heat of the steam iron.