How to Get Rid of Gnats from Your Home

What You'll Need
Apple cider vinegar
Shallow bowl
Low or high pressure sodium lights
Fly paper

Gnats are commonly known as fruit flies. They are annoying and if precaution is not taken, they multiply fast and can be a regular problem. When you are fed up of gnats in your home, you can get rid of them with some simple solutions. It’s always better to stay away from pesticides because they are unsafe, especially if you have small children or pets in the house. Here are some environmentally friendly tips to help you get rid of this menace.

Following are simple ways of getting rid of gnats from your home:

Step 1: Replace Outdoor Bulbs

Gnats are attracted to your outside lights because they are bright. First thing to do is to replace the outside bulbs with high or low pressure sodium lights because these have been known to attract fewer gnats.

Step 2: Cover Fruit

Cover all fruit and vegetables so gnats can’t get to it. Gnats love fruit and vegetables and it’s a perfect breeding ground for them. In fact not just fruit and vegetables, but any food left over or thrown into the trash should be discarded properly so the gnats can’t get to it. Get rid of fruit when it starts discoloring or rotting. That’s a favorite with gnats and that is how they got their name, fruit flies..

Step 3: Watch Your Houseplants

Gnats love houseplants as well. Check all your plants regularly and remove any dead or rotting leaves and roots. Sometimes repotting is required if the plants have rotted too much. It is also a good idea to add a top dressing of sand over the potting soil to discourage these annoying bugs. If you apply this process to your outside plants, it would help reduce the gnat population there as well. Try not to over water your plants. If you do, take them outside to dry.

Step 4: Cider Vinegar in a Bowl

Another method is to fill a shallow bowl with apple cider vinegar and keep on the counter next to the fruit, the trash can or your house plants. Very soon the gnats will fall into the vinegar and drown.

Step 5: Another Cider Method

Take a jar that at one time had a sweet substance in it like jelly and pour apple cider vinegar till half full. Add a teaspoon or so of dawn dish soap to the vinegar and mix it well. Next add the fly paper by putting the plain side of the sand paper in the jar and the rough side fully exposed. The gnats will be attracted to the sweet smell from the jar and get stuck with the fly paper.

Step 6: Spray or Vacuum Them Dead

You can add lemon joy added in water into your spray bottle and spray the gnats directly.  You can also use Windex directly to gnats; it’s known to be quite effective in getting rid of them. A final tip is to vacuum the gnats by holding the nozzle towards them and sucking them in.