How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

When you are sure there are mice in your home, your primary concern should be how to get rid of mice, but without the use of dangerous poisons. If you use poisons, you will be unable to locate the dead animals and the stink will drive you crazy! It’s always a good idea to stick to the tried and tested ways of getting rid of mice naturally, without resorting to chemicals. Mentioned are a few ways you can try:

Step 1: The Peppermint Oil Way

Peppermint oil is a natural substance and its intense smell discourages the rodents from that place. Its strong aroma kills the smells of food stuff that will encourage the mice. Peppermint oil is easily available in food and grocery stores. Just place a few drops on a cotton ball and spread the cotton balls all over your house where mice might be seen like doorways, stairways, kitchen and heat vents. An even better idea is to consider growing peppermint plants near your entrances so mice are permanently deterred from paying you a visit. Put a few peppermint balls in the trash cans.

Step 2: Seal the Entrances to your House

Mice are small creatures and can squeeze in through even smaller holes, so make sure any and every hole is closed and sealed. A simple way is to board up the small holes by using steel wool or green kitchen pads, which you cut to the right size and place in position. Steel wool is impossible for mice to nibble through, and after several failed attempts they will hopefully give up.

Step 3: Mouse Traps are the Best

Old fashioned steel mouse traps are still the most effective natural way of catching the rodent. Available easily, they are inexpensive and with a little bait, are ready to do their job. If you can handle a bit of mess once the mouse is caught, this is the best natural method. Once a mouse is captured, simply dispose of the trap and the dead mouse and throw it in the trash outside. You can also look into electric mouse traps. They are highly effective, affordable and easily available. They cost about US $25 in many hardware stores. They are known to electrocute a mouse in ten seconds flat. There are also electronic units available that makes a sound that rodents hate but it has not proved to be an effective method, so is not popular.

Step 4: A More Humane Trap

These traps are like a wire cage shaped like a box. The mouse can get in but can’t get out. This is a more humane way, but once a mouse is caught, getting rid of it is a bit of a problem. You need to take your catch to a remote location in order to release it so that there are no chances of the mouse paying you a visit again.

Step 5: Maintain a Clean Home

Finally and most important, keep your home and surroundings clean. Keep food in airtight containers so there is no attraction for the mice to come. Watch out for early signs of mice invasion so you can take steps of getting rid of them the natural way and keeping your home rodent free.