How to Get Rid of Moths in your Light Fixtures

It can be difficult to get rid of moths in your light fixtures. The expression “like moths drawn to the light” exists for a very good reason, moths are drawn to light. Because of this they often get into your light fixtures which can be quite unsightly and annoying. This short guide will offer up some easy solutions to help you get rid of moths in your light fixtures of these light loving pests.

Bug Zappers

While they may not be the prettiest lights around, bug zappers can provide a great source of light while serving to exterminate any moths within their vicinity. Best suited for outside use, electric bug zappers will draw moths to them before giving them a shock strong enough to kill them. For a moth problem, this is a great solution, as they’ll instantly be drawn to the bright lights zappers give off.


Another fairly easy way to eradicate moths is with insect traps. This method can be used indoors and the traps should be placed as close to the light fixture as possible. The goal is to draw the moths away from the light by luring them into the trap where they will no longer be able to get into your light fixtures.

Using both the traps and electric bug zapper gives you ways to protect both the outside and inside of your home from these pests.