How to Get Rid of Raccoons Naturally


There are several ways to get rid of raccoons in the yard or house without resorting to harmful methods. Racoons are resourceful animals that will live in attics and chimneys. If you find yourself with an unwelcome guest, consider natural solutions such as trapping or using an electric fence.


Trapping the raccoon is one way to remove it from your premises. But this must be done by a licensed trapper in the majority of states. If you are allowed to do your own trapping, you need a 12x12x32-inch strong steel trap. Cat food, tuna fish, and fruit are attractive baits. Once caught, drive the raccoon into the woods and let it go. Be cautious when handling the trap because racoons bite and they carry rabies.

Electric Fence

Electrify your fence to keep raccoons out of your yard. Secure a wire to the fence at eight to 10 inches off of the ground. Hook the wire to a fence charger that pulsates.


Secure the garbage can lid with a heavy object or bungee cord. Install a steel mesh barrier to keep them from getting under the house. Sprinkle a raccoon repellent on your lawn. Take pet food inside at night. There are some motion-activated gadgets that will scare raccoons, including radios, sprinklers, flood lights, and ultrasonic noise devices.

Change the gadget you use on a regular basis. That way the raccoons won't learn as quickly that these gadgets won't hurt them.