How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Walls

Do you hear rats scratching and scampering in your walls? Do you need to get rid of rats? Here’s how.

Step One- Close the Gap

Seal off anywhere a rat can squeeze into your wall including spaces down to ½ an inch wide. Be thorough. Rats can climb across utility wires, so check for entry holes from the ground and from your roof.

Step Two- Extermination

The different options to get rid of rats in your walls are rat poison, live traps, and snare traps.

  • Poison is one option that is quick, but it leaves the rats to rot inside your wall.
  • Live traps wont harm the rats if they are released soon after capture, but you need to take them for a drive before releasing them or they’ll just run right back. Your neighbors may not appreciate this option.
  • Snap traps are inexpensive, have a high success rate, and kill the rat quickly if sized properly.

Step Three– Prevent Re Infestation

Clean up any debris or trash surrounding your home that rats might find attractive. Using rat repellents to deter them is effective. Both toxic and non toxic rat repellents are available.