How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

To naturally get rid of rats in your yard or home, take some time and follow these steps. Remove the rat attractions by containing them in something rats can’t get into. Metal, glass and ceramic containers keep rodents out better than plastic or paper. Protect trash in steel barrels with locking lids.

Rat Attractions

  • Pet food
  • Trash
  • People food
  • Bird seed
  • Pet waste
  • Gardens and orchard
  • Standing water

Seal and secure any areas rats might use for shelter, like wood piles or storage sheds.

Repel Rats

Naturally deter rats by scattering the scent of rat predators around the area you are trying to protect. The rats will smell the predators and avoid the area. You can buy pellets for this purpose or try well-used kitty litter or snake fodder. Cotton balls dripped with peppermint oil are also effective.

Live traps are very effective at getting rid of rats. Simply bait the trap and place it along their routes. Lastly, rats are tasty prey for barn owls. Set up nest boxes on your property to attract barn owls who will soon get to work.