How to Get Rid of Roaches in an Apartment

How to get rid of roaches when they invade your apartment is a standard question. Roaches are attracted to places in your homes where there is food and drink because that’s what they are hunting. They are medium sized and about an inch long in length. Getting rid of them is very challenging but can be done if you are persistent about it.

Following are ways of going about ridding your apartment from roaches.

Step 1: Use Roach Control Products

Buy a roach control product like Combat roach gel or any other for that matter. These products are commonly available but poisonous, so care should be taken in handling and storing them. They are available in pharmacies, hardware stores or grocery stores. Extra care should be taken when there are pets and children in the apartment to avoid any untoward accidents. To use these products, the instructions given on the box should be strictly followed.

Step 2: Contact Apartment Management

Contact your management in your apartment complex as soon as you feel the roaches are becoming a nuisance and you have a problem on your hands. If you own the apartment then its best to contact a professional pest control company to seek consultation and help in eradicating this menace. Make a record of all the areas where you see roaches in your apartment so you can discuss it with the pest control company when they come to see and discuss the problem with you. Ask them for tips on how to avoid their reoccurrence after they are taken care of and be sure to follow the advice given.  

Step 3: Avoid Leaving Food out in the Kitchen

Never leave food out in your kitchen after you are done eating. This will attract roaches and other insects and rodents. Make sure you put all leftover food in airtight containers so no smell can get out and attract the roaches. Do not leave food in cardboard boxes or any other box that does not seal properly. Make sure even the food in the kitchen cabinets is put in airtight Tupperware dishes so the roaches can’t get to it.

Step 4: Be Clean

Make sure your apartment is clean regularly. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight because that will attract the roaches. Tables should be cleaned well after each meal, remove the crumbs and sweep the floor so there is no food anywhere. If there are any holes in your apartment, especially where pipes enter your apartment, stuff them closed with steel wool as this is a great way of blocking insects out.

Step 5: Consult Neighbors in Your Apartment Building for Similar Problems

Consult your neighbors or tenant association to see if other parts of the building are facing a similar problem with roaches. If so, all of you can get together and deal with the issue. If not, then it is a problem limited to you. Try changing your lifestyle and habits and you will notice that the roaches will reduce and in time disappear altogether.