How to Get Rid of Roaches in an Apartment

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Roaches are a classic apartment pest, attracted as they are to the food sources of urban environments. These creepy critters are on the big side for bugs—between a quarter of an inch and two inches. Getting rid of them once they've set up shop can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to get them out and keep them from returning.

Buy or Make a Roach Control Solution

Roach control products like Combat gel can be effective, but they're often strongly poisonous, so you should take care in deploying them, especially in areas accessible to children and pets. If you do use one, follow the instructions carefully. If you choose to make your own roach deterrents, you have several natural options.

Contact Apartment Management

While taking action on your own, you should contact the management in your apartment complex as soon as you notice roach activity. There's a good chance an infestation is nearby if you're seeing visitors from its insect family.

If you own the apartment, and the situation doesn't seem to be resolved by traps and deterrents, contact a professional pest control company for help eradicating the menace before it gets out of hand.

Make a record of all the areas where you see roaches in your apartment so you can discuss it with the pest control company when they come to see and discuss the problem with you. Ask them for tips on how to avoid their reappearance after the extermination.

Avoid Leaving Food out in the Kitchen

Never leave food out in your kitchen after you are done eating. This can attract roaches along with other insects and rodents. Put all leftover food in airtight containers so no smell can get out—don't leave food in cardboard boxes or any other container that doesn't seal. Make sure even the food in the kitchen cabinets is put in airtight dishes.

Keep it Clean

Tidy and clean your apartment regularly. Dirty dishes, sticky tables, and filthy floors can be an invitation for pests. If there are any holes in your apartment, potentially where pipes enter your apartment, for example, stuff them closed with steel wool or other metal netting.

Talk to Your Neighbors

They might have some tips, or they might need to hear about the problem so they can take action, too. Changing your own habits won't be enough if the rooms bordering your apartment are a mess.