How to Get Rid of Roaches Using Boric Acid

What You'll Need
Large box of boric acid
Dish soap and hot water
Clean up towels
Vacuum, broom, other basic floor cleaning supplies
A short vacation (!)

If you are an unlucky one and have to deal with roaches, learn how to get rid of roaches using boric acid to effectively eliminate the pesky problem. Indeed, pesky is an understatement because roaches can ultimately take over your home. The good news is that with just a few simple supplies, the job is achievable.

Step 1: Determining the Right Approach

The steps you will need to take to remove the critters from your home will vary depending on the severity of the infestation. If you have seen just a few roaches here and there, you will be fine sprinkling the boric acid down after going through the cleaning steps. However, if the infestation of roaches is extreme, you will need to vacate the house for a few days. If you have just a few roaches, clean your home well making sure no food has fallen anywhere such as behind stoves, under the refrigerator or critical areas where food may be found in the house. Vacuum well and keep your trash taken out on a daily basis. If you have a huge infestation, follow the cleaning steps and then put away all personal items from the bathroom such as toothbrushes, soap, hairbrushes, floss and shaving equipment. Remove food from your kitchen, as well as removing silverware, plates, pots, pans and all other cooking/eating items. Store these somewhere safe, knowing they will have to be thoroughly cleaned later.

Step 2: Applying the Acid

If you have an extreme infestation, you will need to liberally sprinkle the boric acid into all cabinets, on the floor going around the perimeter, under and behind stove, refrigerator and so on. Do not miss any dark places for these are the areas where the roaches love to dwell. Use a mask and gloves when applying the acid. Do not miss places such as beneath bathroom cabinets as well as inside them. Include closets and utility rooms too. At this point, after the acid has been applied, you will then need to leave the home taking your family and pets with you. To inhale such massive amounts of this chemical will be dangerous, as will a child or a pet touching it or eating it. If you have just a roach here and there and not a heavy infestation, sprinkle light amounts of boric acid in out of reach dark places such as under cabinets and behind major appliances. Be sure the acid will not be able to be reached by children or pets.

Step 3: The Clean Up

Once you have returned home after leaving for a few days, you then will need to begin the big clean up. Sweep up all roaches and all traces of boric acid, vacuum thoroughly and take out any trash. You will also need to use hot soapy water and sponges to scrub inside all of your cabinets and wash kitchen and bathroom supplies before putting them away. Keep light amounts of boric acid sprinkled in out of reach places where no child or pet can access it.