How to Get Rid of Roaches without Poison

A dead cockroach.

Getting rid of roaches when they have invaded your house is a very serious concern. This is an ongoing battle that has to be tackled every so often even after getting rid of the cockroaches to ensure they do not return again. There are many poisons available in the market to get rid of these pesky bugs but those are not advisable if you have little kids or pets. There are other different techniques you can use to get rid of roaches the natural way without resorting to poison.

1. Clean Your House Thoroughly

Give your house a thorough cleaning. Begin by getting rid of all the crumbs in your home. Remember a crumb can be food for a roach for many months. Vacuum under fridges, stoves and any dark corners of your house. Give a thorough cleaning to the cushions on your couch; they tend to collect a lot of crumbs and bits of food. Remember roaches main purpose of visiting your house is food. If you make sure you don’t leave anything lying around open, store all food in airtight containers, and don’t leave any edibles in open boxes.

2. Use Baking Soda and Sugar

A cockroach on blue tile.

Mix together equal quantities of granulated sugar and baking soda. Fill small containers with this mixture and put them in places where you see the cockroaches, taking care that it’s not anywhere where pets or small children can get to them. Put a small container of water near the mixture and refill when needed. The sugar and baking soda mixture with the water will create gas in the roaches’ stomach and will cause their stomachs to burst, killing them.

3. Use Boric Acid

Mix boric acid with flour and sugar and make small pellets. Place them in places where roaches have been sighted but make sure there is water near there because boric acid mixed with water is lethal. When the roaches ingest these pellets, they die because the boric acid attacks the nervous system and paralyze the roach by burning its insides like an acid. The roach cannot move and finally dies. This is a nontoxic way of killing many roaches in your house. You can also put boric acid directly on cracks and crevices where you see cockroaches. Boric acid is considered safe near food and food preparation area.

4. Eliminate the Three Things Roaches Like

A cockroach on a pear.

Roaches prefer darkness, require water, and search for food. These three things should be removed and you will be rid of the bugs for good. Roaches like dark spaces, so you should clear up your cabinets in the kitchen, paint them a light color and if possible take down the doors of the cabinets, leaving them open shelved. Open shelves are a better option where cleanliness is concerned. Water is an important requirement for roaches so make sure you take care of leaky faucets, avoid leaving water in glasses and clear up all water spots the roaches could drink from. Food should be put in airtight containers and all crumbs should be removed daily. Once the three attractions are not there, roaches will not visit your home.