How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Home

What You'll Need
Thick clothing
Diesel or Kerosene
Cloth or towel
Food bait
Can with lid
Syrup or sugar water

The issue of how to get rid of wasps at home bothers many. You may rely on professionals and call in the local pest control service. Wasps build their nests near houses or other human habitations and could be extremely dangerous. So, it is necessary to destroy the nests as quickly as possible. Besides the professional services, there are some homemade remedies that also work well and can help you get rid of wasps in your home.

Step 1 - Discover Nest Locations and Get Rid of the Wasps’ Home

Find the exact location of the nest through a quick search for heavy wasp traffic, either at dusk or at dawn when the insects fly back in or out of their “home”. These moments of the day are the best for destroying the wasp nests. Dress yourself in rubber clothes or put 2 or 3 layers of clothing on to protect it from the wasp stinger, which can penetrate through thin cotton or woolen fabric. It is also recommended to use a pair of goggles and gloves as well. 

Step 2 - Getting Rid of Underground Wasp Nests

Take a cup of diesel or kerosene and a large wet piece of cloth or a towel. Pour quickly the fuel into the hole of the nest and cover it with the wet cloth. The fuel will destroy the whole insect colony. In a case of underground wasp nests, you can also use a chemical wasp-killer which is not a projectile spray.   

Step 3 - Getting Rid of Hanging Wasp Nests

You can use any wasp killing chemical which is described as a projectile spray. Do not apply household insect killing agents because they are not suitable for wasps.

Also, you may take a large empty can and fill it half through with sugar syrup. Cover it with a lid where you cut a hole. Place the trap beneath the nest or hang it somewhere close, if there is a handle on the can. The wasps will be attracted by the sweet water and will drown in it. You may also take some pieces of beef liver and tie them to a tree branch, using a string. Somewhere beneath the meat bait, place a large can half-filled with soap water. The wasps will pile on the liver, but the bait will make them too heavy to fly and they will land into the can.     

Step 4 - Getting Rid of Solitary Wasps

Besides the social wasps which build nests, there are some solitary wasp types. These insects have no nests, so they have no territory to defend. Solitary wasps are no less dangerous than the social ones, but the way to get rid of them is easier. Hanging a couple of chemically-treated insect strips at the most visited spots in the garden, backyard or on the porch is more than enough.