How to get Room to Room Humidity Control in Your Home

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Having room humidity control can be a lifesaver in the summer months especially when the weather is hot and you are working in the kitchen or running the dishwasher or even showering. There are a few ways to help you keep control of the humidity from room to room.

Install a Hygrometer

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you can check the level of humidity and decide what a comfortable level is in your home. The best way to do this is to purchase a hygrometer. You can find them to mount on the wall and they are pretty inexpensive. Having them near your thermostat is a good idea as well as different levels of the home. Make sure when purchasing it though you get one that is made for the home and not for outdoors or saunas as they will differ slightly on how they are measured and where to put them. Also, be sure to install it where the directions say to so that you get the best reading possible.

Use Fans

The next thing to do to control the level of humidity in your home once you have decided what a comfortable level is is to use fans around the house. If the level of humidity gets too high you can try using a ceiling or exhaust fan. The ceiling fans can be used in any room, however, exhaust fans are typically for bathrooms and kitchens. Turning the fan on while you are cooking, running the dishwasher and showering is a great way to make sure that you are keeping the level at a comfortable humidity spot. It is also becoming more common to install a larger exhaust fan in a living room or open room that connects to many to keep the costs of air conditioning down.


Using a humidifier or a dehumidifier depending on whether you want to raise it up or lower the level can help to keep it consistent throughout the home. You can either get a few different machines or you can move one throughout the house depending on the levels. Most humidifiers can be set at levels or they are self-regulating which is great because they will turn off when they get to the right amount that is comfortable. Using a humidifier can also help to keep bugs out of the home as well as lowering or raising the humidity. Just be sure to put the humidifiers in an open place so they are not covered by anything.

Using these steps to control the humidity levels in your home will not only help you to stay comfortable, but they will also allow you to save money in the long run as humidity too high can cause your paint to peel or mold to form. So regulating the humidity level is the best way to keep everything in great shape.