How to Get Solar Power Grants

Solar panels on a house.

Local, state and national government agencies each offer solar power grants. Before applying for a solar power grant, research which type of system suits your needs and develop a rough cost estimate.

Why Choose Solar Energy

The rising costs of fuel and utilities has many homeowners looking for ways to cut the costs of energy. While early solar panels were inefficient and high maintenance, technological advances have made solar energy cheaper and easy to harness.

With a solar power system, you may be able to enjoy free heat and hot water. You may actually be able to sell excess electricity generated by your solar panels to your local utilities company. This will benefit your wallet, the environment, and your community.

There are two types of solar power systems for the homeowner: solar water heating or photovoltaic systems. Water heating systems only heat the water in your home whereas a photovoltaic system provides energy for your entire home.

Types of Grants

A man installs solar panels.

When you locate a grant, read the fine print to decide if you want to proceed. Some grants are more consumer-friendly than others. For example, some grants require you to install the solar power system first and then reimburse you for the expenses. Others will award the grant contingent on the work you complete in the future.


Below is a list of web sites that can help turn your dream of a solar-powered home into a reality.

  1. - This is the federal government central website for grants and other funding opportunities. This should be your first stop. Review the list of grant opportunities available in your community. Pay attention to deadlines to maximize your chances for being awarded federal funding.
  2. - This is another useful site about federal grant funding. FedConect includes business contracting opportunities in addition to grants.
  3. - This is the Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency (DSIRE), a great resource that goes beyond federal grants, funding, tax breaks, and other money incentives for solar energy projects.
  4. - This is the Office of Energy and Renewable Energy (EERE).

Finally, research different grant writing software applications to create your proposal. Remember to contact local government authorities about grants and rebates offered for home solar power systems.