How to Get the Mega Deck of Your Dreams

A deck with a scenic view.

One creative company from Colorado is changing the way people view outdoor living by transforming ordinary decks into mega decks. From luxurious fireplace additions to one-of-a-kind entertainment systems, mega decks are pushing the limits on outdoor comfort. While these additions may seem out of reach for most people, there are plenty of ways you can customize your outdoor living space to create the mega deck of your dreams.

What Is a Mega Deck?

The mega deck trend started with DIY Network’s Mega Decks. The series follows Mosaic Outdoor Living & Landscapes (formerly known as Colorado Custom Decks) as they transform ordinary decks into lavish living areas. Mega decks block out unwanted weather while embracing the better parts of outdoor living, including entertainment, comfort, and, of course, food.

Building a Mega Deck

A mega deck with weather-proofing barriers and a furniture set.

The main goal of building a mega deck is allowing individuals the option of enjoying outdoor living no matter the climate. With that in mind, mega decks incorporate windbreaks, enclosures, and overhead structures to block out the wind and other nasty weather. With the proper pieces in place, you can install whatever elements suit your needs. These additions range from brick ovens to massive televisions to custom fireplaces and even waterfalls.

Customizing Your Deck

When considering a mega deck for your home, the first thing you need to tackle is the weather. For most areas, some sort of overhead structure will be needed to block out unwanted rain. For locations that suffer from bouts of strong wind, consider installing windbreaks around the perimeter of the deck. If you want to enjoy your deck throughout the year, a full enclosure is needed for those harsh winter months. Once all weather concerns have been met, you can start thinking about which accessories will help create your dream mega deck.


A deck with a patio furniture set.

As far as comfort is concerned, mega decks are all about bringing inside comfort to the outdoors. Built-in benches are great for additional storage and add another layer of style by blending into the existing deck. Cover the benches with soft cushions and outdoor throw pillows to create a comfy experience. You can also add outdoor couches to the deck, especially if you are installing an entertainment system. Just remember to select fabrics that can withstand the variable weather conditions in your area.


A great sound system can add a nice finishing touch to any outdoor space. Weatherproof sound systems have come a long way in recent years and are available in a variety of setups, including wireless and smartphone-enabled. Speakers can be installed up and out of the way to maximize space and really come in handy for outdoor parties and entertainment setups.


A fire pit on a deck with a view of lights.

Fireplaces can offer an alternative source of entertainment and can really jazz up a space. For a mega deck, a large brick fire place can easily become the centerpiece of the room. If you are short on space, consider adding a fire pit instead of a freestanding structure. Not only will it save space, but you’ll still be able to relax by an open fire and roast marshmallows at your leisure.


Additional lighting sources come in handy for those late night outdoor gatherings. Choose color lights to create different ambiances, depending on the occasion. Incorporate solar or low-voltage lights to capitalize on energy savings. If your deck has more than one level, install lights on the steps for an added safety measure during evening events.


An outdoor deck with an outdoor kitchen and bar.

Cooking is a big part of outdoor living. Whether it is grilling hamburgers and hot dogs over coals or enjoying a brickfired pizza, a comfortable cooking arrangement will make your mega deck all the more enjoyable. With so many options available, from stand-alone brick ovens to built-in grills, you should be able to find the right cooking unit to fit your needs and budget.


A proper mega deck is not complete without a good entertainment system. For most people, this means installing a large TV you can enjoy any time of the year. Of course, you’ll also have to consider adding surround sound to the system, especially if the deck is not fully enclosed. If you choose to install an entertainment system, it's a good idea to split the deck into distinct areas for relaxing, dining, and cooking.