How to Give an Upholstered Storage Bench a New Look

What You'll Need
Screw driver
Fabric batting
Staple gun

If your upholstered storage bench is old and worn, you can make it look new again by reupholstering the fabric. Replacing the bench cushion is an easy way to make a piece of furniture look new again.

Step 1 - Choose the Fabric

Select a fabric that is sturdy and beautiful. The fabric needs to be sturdy so it won't show any wear and tear after regular use. Fabric stores sell new upholstery fabric for reasonable prices. For a good discount, buy a remnant. This should give you enough fabric to cover the bench and make a few accent pillows.

Step 2 - Remove the old Cushion

Remove the old upholstery from the bench by finding the screws and unscrewing them. Leave the old foam cushion in place unless it is in a really bad condition. If the foam cushion also requires replacement, purchase a new one and have it cut to the size of the bench.

Step 3 - Cut the Fabric

Measure and cut the new fabric to fit the bench. Place some batting (a thin sheet of stuffing that gives benches a little more cushioning) on top of the new fabric. It's a good idea to use batting because it masks the previous pattern of the cushion that may show through. Set the old bench cushion on the new fabric and cut around it, leaving 3 inches around the edge.

Step 4 - Staple the Fabric

Staple the fabric to the seat. Start on one side by folding the fabric over the edge of the seat and stapling the fabric to the center. Fold the opposite side over, pulling it tightly. Staple it in the center as well. Repeat on all sides. When all the centers are stapled, staple more along the edge. Alternate from side to side to ensure the fabric is applied to the bench in a straight line. This also ensures the fabric will have a tight fit. Make sure you pleat the corners before stapling.

Step 5 - Finishing Up

Finish the job by cutting excess fabric from the bottom of the bench seat and attaching it to the bench. You may also want to apply a fabric protector to the seat before attaching it to the bench.

Some people prefer to use recycled fabric to reupholster an indoor storage bench. Recycled fabric can come from items such as jackets, curtains, and clothing. In the end, it's up to you to be creative and reupholster the bench in a style that suits your home and fits the design of the original storage bench.