How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinet Doors

What You'll Need
Can of glaze
Can of paint
Old rags
Mixing bowl
Mixing stick
Mild detergent
Sand paper

One of the pieces that will add some added character to your kitchen is the kitchen cabinet doors. These simple, but very necessary, parts of your cabinet, and overall look of you kitchen. Adding a glaze to your kitchen cabinet doors will create an old world look, or an antique feel. They are usually used in combination when attempting to recreate a European feel or Old French look. Adding glaze to your kitchen cabinet doors is not a hard project. It does take some time and attention to details. Here are a few steps to take when glazing your kitchen cabinet doors.

Step 1 - Remove and Sand Doors

Remove the cabinet doors from the cabinets. Use the appropriate screwdriver to take off the hinges. It is better to remove the hinges with the door. Once the cabinet door has been removed, then take off all the hardware. This includes the hinges, pulls, knobs, or handles.

Use some paint, or stain remover and apply it to the doors. Let is set for a few minutes until the finish begins to bubble. Scrape it off as much as you can and then sand with a medium grit sandpaper. You are not trying to remove any wood, just the finish. Complete this step by a light sanding with a fine sand paper.

Step 2 - Clean Doors

Use a solution of warm water and mild dish detergent. Sponge it on the door and wipe off quickly. Clean the door of any type of dust and debris that is still on the door.

Step 3 - Mix Glaze

This is where you will make the decision of what kind of look you are going for. Do you want a light antique look? Or are you looking for a more modern contemporary glazing? You will be mixing the glaze and paint together to determine the kind of look you want. Start with one part of glaze and one part of paint in a mixing bowl. If you want a darker look, you will add another part of glaze to the mixture. Mix them together well. The glaze will be a milky white color. Incorporate it until it is all together without any white streaks.

Step 4 - Rub Glaze on Door

Start adding your glaze to the kitchen cabinet doors by rubbing it on with the rag. Use a circular motion to apply the glaze. Work in small sections at a time so you can immediately wipe it off. Continue working in this manner until the entire door is completed. Make sure to work the glaze into all the crevices, raised panels, and even cracks in the door face.

If you do not like the look of the glazing after you finish it, you can simply add more and wipe off as you go. This will change the contrast, color, and look of the entire door.