How to Glue Bamboo Flooring

glue a bamboo floor

When gluing bamboo flooring to a concrete subfloor, you need to take several precautions. Bamboo flooring installation is very similar to other types of glue-down hardwood. The same principles apply with a few variations. Here are the basics of gluing bamboo flooring to a subfloor.

Subfloor Preparation

You need to be very particular about the condition of the subfloor when you are installing bamboo. Make sure that the subfloor is structurally sound and very clean. Remove any dirt or debris from the floor and ensure sure that it is dry. Check the subfloor with a moisture meter to make sure that it meets the moisture criteria set forth by the bamboo manufacturer.

Glue Down

Once the subfloor is properly prepared, make sure that you have everything straight with the glue. Some hardwood glues are unsuitable for bamboo installation. Make sure that the glue you have is recommended by the bamboo manufacturer. Then make sure that you have the right sized trowel for your application.

Start applying the glue to the subfloor in small intervals. Do not to apply too much glue at a time in order to avoid getting it all over the bamboo.