How to Glue Nylon Webbing

nylon webbing
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 8-15
What You'll Need
Contact cement
Clothes pins

You can use contact cement to glue nylon webbing. Spray contact cement will bond the nylon webbing without the material coming loose once it dries. The right glue will ensure that the nylon webbing remains attached, especially if it is used for items that won't endure a lot of weight, such as nylon straps on a backpack or a lawn chair. Follow these steps to apply contact cement to nylon webbing.

Step 1 - Prepare the Nylon Webbing

Cut the pieces of nylon webbing that you want to glue. Both sides that are to be glued should be dry and clean of dirt.

Step 2 - Spray the Nylon Webbing

Open the can of spray contact cement and apply a layer on the first nylon surface, with the side to be glued facing you. Spray another layer of glue onto the second surface where the nylon will attach. Place the first nylon surface directly onto the second surface. For lawn furniture, hold both surfaces of the nylon together with a clothespin while they dry. Remove the clothespin after five minutes.