How to Glue a Rear View Mirror Into Place

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What You'll Need
Rear-view mirror installation kit
Felt tip pen
Razor blade
Clean cloth

Knowing how to glue a rear view mirror can play a vital function in providing safety for the driver and other occupants of a car or pickup truck. When a rear view mirror becomes detached and is no longer functioning, it is often because it has come loose from the adhesive that holds it to the windshield. When this happens you can re-glue the mirror in 6 easy steps using just a few materials.

Step 1 - Park Your Vehicle in Moderate Air Temperature

Hardening of glue is sometimes affected by ambient heat. To avoid problems, you should park your car in a place where the ambient temperature is in a range between 50°and 70°F. If you're attaching your mirror during hot summer months, either park in a cool garage or wait for cooler evening temperatures.

Step 2 - Mark the Mirror's Position on the Windshield

With the glue residual removed from your windshield, use a marking pen to mark a spot on the outside of your windshield where you will adhere the mirror to the glass.

Step 3 - Separate Your Mirror From Its Holding Bracket

Some mirrors are secured in their holding brackets by a set screw, while others have a triangular piece that fits into the bracket between the two edges which hold the mirror in place. If you mirror is held by a set screw, back the screw out and separate the mirror from the bracket. If your mirror is held in place by the triangle piece, slide them apart and keep the mirror section within reach.

Step 4 - Remove the Old Glue

Use a razor blade to remove the hard remnants of the glue that held the mirror in place on your windshield. If there is a film or any glue residual left which you are unable to remove with the razor blade, use a rag to apply the solvent that comes with the mirror kit. Remove any glue residue from the mounting bracket with sandpaper.

Step 5 - Glue the Bracket to the Windshield

From the mirror kit, remove the tube of adhesive and place a large drop on the surface of the mounting bracket that will be glued to the windshield. Place the bracket against the windshield directly in front of the spot you previously marked. When you are sure the bracket is positioned correctly, press it against the glass and wait for 30 to 60 seconds before releasing it.

Step 6 - Attach the Mirror to the Bracket

When you are certain the bracket is glued firmly to the windshield glass, attach the mirror. Be careful not to press downward on the bracket. Although it feels solidly attached, it may not be entirely secured and over-applying pressure will pull it off.