How to Grind Tungsten on a Bench Grinder

Using a bench grinder to hone tungsten electrodes into a fine point requires precision and the knowledge of how to make the proper taper. If done incorrectly, it could effect how the TIG welding joint holds. Only with practice will you learn how to prepare tungsten for welding by grinding it into a fine point. 

How to Properly Grind Tungsten

After donning safety glasses and work gloves, turn on the bench grinder. Hold the tungsten rod at 45 degrees to the rotating grinder wheel. As you apply constant pressure to the rod against the wheel, turn the tungsten around in your fingers while at the same time changing the angle it is held against the wheel. Hold it no more acutely than 15 degrees. 

Cool the tungsten tip in water and look at the grooves the grinder has made. They should be straight in relation to the grain of the rod. In other words, they should not run at an angle or perpendicular to the length of the rod. Repeat the grinding process until it forms a tip that is as sharp as a needle and three times as long as the rod’s diameter. 

Grind the other end of the tungsten rod in the same manner. Each time it loses its point, remove it from the welder and grind it again.