How to Grow a Wisteria from Seeds

What You'll Need
Wisteria pods and/or seeds
Seed heating mat
Plastic bag
Seeding tray or individual pots
Potting soil, compost

Wisteria seeds provide one way to grow a wisteria plant in your home garden. But be aware that this method will take an extremely long time for the plant to be mature enough to bloom. If waiting 10 to 15 years (or longer) for wisteria flowers doesn't dampen your interest, follow these steps to grow wisteria from seeds.

Step 1 – Harvest Seed Pods

Wisteria seeds are readily available from seed pods. Pick the seed pods when they are young. They will be velvety and green. Place them in a bucket. When they turn brown, the seeds will pop easily. If harvesting pods isn't your thing, you can also purchase wisteria seeds from commercial outlets.

Step 2 – Prepare the Wisteria Seeds

Some garden experts recommend nicking the seeds first. But all wisteria seeds need to be soaked in warm water for at least a day before you proceed further. You may prefer to place the seeds between damp paper towels in a plastic bag and set it on a seed heating mat until they sprout.

Step 3 – Plant the Seeds

Prepare a seeding tray or individual pots with potting mix. For indoor flowers, add some compost. Plant the wisteria seeds 1/4-inch deep and cover them lightly with soil. Be sure to moisten the soil.

Step 4 – Place the Seeds in a Sunny Location

Place the seeding tray or individual pots in a spot that receives sun during the day. If you need to move the pots temporarily, partial shade shouldn’t hurt the wisteria seeds. But return them to the sun as soon as possible.

Step 5 – Keep Them Well Watered

During the germination process, keep the seedlings well watered. Germination should occur between 10 and 20 days, although some varieties will take longer.

Step 6 – Fertilize

Fertilize the wisteria seeds every few months after the vine starts to grow.

Step 7 – Transplant the Wisteria

It’s time to transplant when the wisteria seeds have produced a vine that starts to outgrow the pot. The plants will now be about 5 inches tall. Transplant the wisteria to your chosen location in the garden outside.

Step 8 – Be Patient

Now the waiting begins. Depending on the variety, be prepared for a long period before the wisteria seeds you planted mature to a vine that will finally bloom. You may have to wait 5 to 6 years for a Chinese wisteria or 10 to 15 years for some others.

Think of the plant as a legacy that will endow the home garden with a rich beauty that some find incomparable. Certainly the trouble and care you give to the wisteria during its growing years will add to your sense of accomplishment when these magnificent vines explode in all their color.