How To Grow An Impressive Corn Crop

corn on the cob
  • 2-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Corn seed
Garden rake
Water hose
What You'll Need
Corn seed
Garden rake
Water hose

Harvesting corn makes the long months of waiting well worth it. Growing your own corn is not difficult, but does require a lot of constant monitoring.

Step 1 - Choose The Right Spot

Growing corn is not challenging, but does require planting the corn in the right spot. This is half the process of growing corn. If you locate the corn in the right spot, then you make the process much easier. Choose a spot that is in full sun, but sheltered from the wind.

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Step 2 - Till Soil in Winter

To prepare the soil for the corn, start in the early winter months. Before the soil gets too hard, till the ground where you will be planting. Mix compost into the soil. This will help put in the nitrogen the corn needs to grow.

Step 3 - Rake in Fertilizer

rich soil

Two weeks before you actually plant the corn, rake in some fertilizer. This will give the plants a jumpstart and infuse the soil with much needed balance.

Step 4 - Plant Corn in Blocks

Unlike other vegetables, corn should be planted in small rectangular blocks of four to five rows instead of long rows. This encourages much better pollination and also provides better wind protection.

Step 5 - Plant Directly in Ground

Some other vegetable garden crops can be started inside in small cups before they are sown into the ground. Corn grows much better when it is planted directly into the ground.

Plant two seeds together and spread them out every 18 inches. Plant the seeds to a depth of one inch and cover them with loose soil.

Step 6 - Water

After the seeds are planted into the soil, give them a good watering. Corn is a very heavy feeder and needs the nutrients from the soil and water to keep it growing. Depending on the temperature, you will need to either increase the watering or decrease it. However, water and fertilizer is very important.

Step 7 - Maintain Seeds

If birds will be a problem, then place some netting over the seeds until they begin to sprout.

When you see some smaller roots protruding from the ground, do not dig them up. Cover them over with some loose top soil or compost.

Keep weeds from growing up around the corn stalks, but do not use a hoe around the actual plant. Hand pick the weeds and try not to disturb the roots system.

Step 8 - Harvest Your Corn Crop

After a period of 90 to 100 days, the corn will be ready to harvest. Make sure it is ripe by checking the firmness of the corn cob. You can also puncture one of the kernels to see if it has a milky liquid. If there is, then it is time to pick.

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