How to Grow Echeveria in a Container

Echeveria is a succulent plant that visually resembles a green sempervivum, and has a shape and leaf pattern a lot like an artichoke. Keeping it grown in a container is easy, all things considered, because caring for your echeveria is much like caring for any other cactus.

Blend the Soil

You must first use a cactus mix soil blended with regular potting soil, about a 50/50 proportion, to make sure that the new echeveria plant has some moisture with which to process and store nutrients. You don’t really need to water your echeveria very often, and it’s suggested that you water it once a month with a spray bottle on the mist setting to give your echeveria enough water to thrive.


Also, if you wanted to fertilize your echeveria once a year, you could do just that with a cactus mix of fertilizer. This will give your plant the nutrients it needs without nutrient burn, because succulents are especially sensitive to it. Echeveria plants need full sun; accommodate this accordingly.

Grow your echeveria in a container which is proportionate to the plant. If the container is too large, it may hold moisture in that will cause root or leaf rot in your plant. This is why it’s important to only grow your echeveria in a container large enough for it alone. If you plant echeveria with other plants, this is fine, but make sure you have it planted with other succulents that don’t require much water.