How to Grow Moss in a Flagstone Walkway

What You'll Need
Soil Testing Kit

Moss requires moisture, shading, and humidity to thrive. Moss grows better in acidic soil and shade with only brief periods of sunlight. Direct sunlight will kill your moss. If moss is not native to your area, you may have a very hard time cultivating it.

Step 1- Preparing Your Soil

The best soil for moss would be a firm soil bed. If you have soft soil, make sure to you pack it down lightly. Test the acidity of your soil. Moss grows very well with acidic levels running in-between 5.0 to 6.0 if your ph levels raise above 6.5 your moss will more likely than not die off before it ever gets started. You can add peat moss or sulfur to change ph levels before you plant your moss.

Step 2- Acquiring Moss

If you have a hard time finding moss at your local home and garden store since it is not a common plant for them to keep on hand, then it is time to go out in search of it. Look in your neighbor’s yards, or out in the woods. It is best to harvest moss in strips and roll up like a jelly roll. Make sure you are not collecting rocks and twigs with your moss.

Step 3- Making A Moss Milk Shake

Pour two cups of buttermilk into your blender, and two cups of water. Break up moss into the blender. Mix it up until it looks like a thin milkshake; add more water as needed.

Step 4- “Plant” Your Moss

This step requires pouring versus planting. Take it outside to your flagstones and very carefully pour in between cracks and around stones all along the walkway where ever you wish your moss to grow. Cover the area so it looks green. If you accidently pour mixture onto the stones make sure to wipe it off immediately as the moss will grow on the stones as well, and this could be a danger during wet conditions, as moss becomes very slippery. Moss will also be hard to remove from your flagstones as it could kill off the moss you intentionally put there.

Step 5- Repeat Steps 3 and 4

Depending on the size of area you have, you will need to repeat this process as many times as necessary to cover the area.

Step 6- Water Your Moss

You need to keep your moss well watered for at least the first three weeks after you have planted it. If you do not it will not grow properly or it will just die out completely.

Moss can be a beautiful addition to any yard or garden area. With the proper conditions you will have your moss thriving in no time whatsoever. If you have any questions about what different kinds of moss will grow better in your area please ask at your local home and garden store.