How to Grow Parsley Hydroponically


If you want to go into hydroponics herb planting, you will need to know how to hydroponically grow parsley. With a hydroponics garden, the nutrients are dissolved in water. There is no soil involved and another growing medium will give the plants nutrients, oxygen and water. The solution will drip feed each plant and drain regularly, giving your plants exactly the right amounts of each thing they need in order to survive and thrive better than other nutrients.

Initial Planting

Before you are able to grow your plants hydroponically, you do have to initially plant the seeds. Parsley seeds are very reluctant to germinate unless they have moisture exposure for a 12-hour period. A way to do this is to allow the seeds to stay in warm water that is changed often, making sure that a growth inhibitor that will leak out of the parsley seeds will not hurt the seeds.

Meanwhile, soak rock wool grow cubes overnight as well. These should be planted with the seeds, or the seeds planted in them to help germination. Put the rock wool grow cubes mixed in a flat, shallow box. Plant the seeds in the box about an inch apart, making sure that there are two to three in each rock wool cube. Sprinkle a very thin layer of moist soil over them, about 0.25-inches high. Keep the soil temperature warm at about 70° F. Water them often. The sprouts should begin to appear about 2 weeks after the planting.

Once the leaves had appeared, you should place a florescent light about 2-inches above the plants to give the plants the nutrients that they need to survive.

Before Transplanting

Before you being the transplanting process, you must prepare you hydroponics herb garden. Set up the hydroponics container and fill it with hydroponics fluid. Depending on the type of hydroponics planter you have purchased, there could be a number of things you will have to do to get it ready. Make sure that you follow the users manual that came with your planter to prepare and test it.

Cleaning the Plants

With some hydroponics planters, you will have to remove the soil from each plant to be secured on the planter. If this is the case with your planter, you will want to carefully remove each sprout from the rock wool grow cubes and clean them gently with water. Place them carefully and securely in the spaces created for the sprouts, making sure that there is 2 to 3-inches between each plant.

Maintaining Your Garden

Make sure that you maintain your garden by draining and refilling the fluid as often as stated in your model’s user manual. The plants should grow quicker, larger and stronger than other parsley plants, but you must make sure that you are taking constant care of your garden.

You will be able to pick leaves off your plants, once they have reached 2 to 3-inches from the stem. If you do it correctly, new leaves should grow in the old leaves’ place.