How to Grow Tea Rose Bushes

What You'll Need
Pruning shears
Gardening gloves
A watering can
Bone meal
Rose food

Tea rose bushes are popular hybrid plants that produce beautiful and aromatic flowers. These bushes require some special care to maintain them.

    Step One – Planting Your Tea Rose Bush

    Tea rose bushes require at least 3 feet of room to grow. They also require about four hours of sunlight a day and should be planted in a spot that gets full sun. Inspect the area of your garden where you want to plant your tea rose bush. Remove all debris. Pour mulch around the base of the bush to maintain consistent moisture and temperature levels in the ground.

    Step Two – Feeding Your Tea Rose Bush

    Tea rose bushes need a large amount of water at least once a week and even more during very hot days. Watering early in the morning is the best time of day. During hot weather these bushes require a lot of water. Add bone meal and rose food to the soil around the base of your bush once it stops producing new blossoms.

    Step Three – Pruning Your Tea Bush

    The bush should be pruned of any dead wood and some of the growth of the previous year, early in the spring. Be careful not to remove more than half of the growth because this is where the flowers will bloom. Add bone meal and rose bush food to the soil at the base of your bush.