How to Handcraft Personalized Christmas Ornaments from Scratch

Making personalized Christmas ornaments from scratch will result in far more heartwarming souvenirs of the holidays than simply writing names on store-bought ornaments. If you're looking to offer loved ones simple handmade gifts in the form of personalized ornaments this Christmas season, consider the following method to make snowy scene personalized Christmas ornaments with fake snow and figures.

Materials Needed:

  • Clear plastic drinking cups (about 8 to 9 oz.)
  • White or silver poster board
  • Small rounded crafting mirrors (about 1 inch in diameter)
  • Stuffing, cotton balls or cotton or polyester batting snow (found at craft stores)
  • Small tree or bush figurines (no taller than 2 inches)
  • Small Christmas animal or people figures (no taller than 1 inch)
  • Holiday-colored craft beads
  • Monofilament

Tools Needed:

  • Crafting scissors
  • Holiday-colored markers
  • Tacky glue
  • Pushpins
  • Pencil

Step 1 -- Trace the Cups on the Poster Board

Put a plastic drinking cup, rim down, on the poster board. Trace the rim of the cup using a pencil. You need one poster board circle per ornament, so repeat as many times as necessary to make your desired number of ornaments.

Step 2 -- Use the Crafting Scissors to Cut around the Tracing

Use the crafting scissors, which should cut paper with some sort of festive design, to cut around the tracings in the poser board. However, do not cut the traced pencil line exactly. Leave about 1/4 inch of border around the tracing, as this part will form the basis of a personalized Christmas ornament and should stick out a little beyond the cup.

Step 3 -- Personalize the Cups

Use the colored markers to write the gift recipients' names on the cups for personalized Christmas ornaments. You will be using the cups upside down, so you will want to write the name toward the top of a cup when the cup is upside down.

Step 4 -- Fit the Snow

Fit the snow to the pencil tracing. Fill the entire center of the tracing with your cotton, stuffing or batting snow. No gluing is necessary.

Step 5 -- Glue the Mirror

The small crafting mirror will act as a "pond" in your snowy scene in the personalized Christmas ornament. Decide where you want the pond to go--probably in the middle or toward the back of one edge of the scene--and use the tacky glue to stick it to the poster board, pulling aside the snow material to make room.

Step 6 -- Glue the Figures and Trees

Decide where you want the trees and figures to be placed in your scene. Experiment with placement, and once you're satisfied, glue the base of each figure and tree to the poster board, gently pulling apart the snow material to make room.

Step 7 -- Make the Hook

Fashion a hook by which to hang each ornament out of monofilament and beads. Knot the filament on one end and place one bead on the line. Then use the pushpin to poke a hole in the middle of the top (really the bottom) of the cup and stick the filament through from underneath so that the bead is on the inside of the cup. Put more breads on the line on the outside of the cup and tie the filament in a hook at the top.

Step 8 -- Glue the Cup

Trace the pencil tracing on the poster board with glue. Stick the cup's rim down on the glue. Allow to dry for one day.