How to Hand-Dye Your Ottoman Slipcover


Providing your ottoman with a new ottoman slipcover is an inexpensive way to brighten your home. If you'd like to be creative and hand-dye your own ottoman slip cover, follow these easy steps to get started:

1.)   Make sure you wash the fabric in a washing machine before dying.  Fabric that has not been washed will not absorb the dye as well;

2.)    The fabric should be wet to ensure the dye activates properly with the fabric;

3.)   Lay the fabric on a flat surface and apply the dye with a spray bottle.  Make sure you check with the manufacturer to wait the proper amount of time for the dye to activate;

4.)   Once the fabric has dried, give it one more run in the washing machine.

Creating your slipcover in this manner will bring a splash of creativity to your home without breaking your budget.