How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror Frame with Glue

What You'll Need
Wooden/PVC strips
Mirror adhesive tape
Epoxy glue
Paper towel
Tape measure
Window cleaner
Painter's tape

How often we desire to attain a chic look for our bathroom mirror frame akin to the ones in hotels. You can achieve this look with some glue. Discolored or damaged mirrors edges can be affixed with an appropriate frame. When shopping for wood molding, purchase marine glue tube that stands up well in moist environments. The glue bonds with other materials including brick, glass, leather, concrete, fabric and wood. Prior to making a selection of the wooden molding for the bathroom mirror, consider your bathroom décor. For a well-lit bathroom use darker shades of wood like cherry, and for smaller or darker bathroom use lighter shades like oak to rev up the ambiance.  Ask the home improvement store staff if they have different shades of wooden scraps that you can take along and check for the best fit at home. Let's look at how we can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom.

Step1: Clean Mirror

With a window cleaner and towel, wipe off dirt and water stains from the mirror, especially the edges. This process is essential for epoxy glue to bond well.

Step 2: Frame the Mirror

Dry fit the wooden/PVC strips on the mirror by 1/2 inch. Ensure the frame fits appropriately around the edges.

Step 3: Measure and Tape

With the painter's tape, measure and mark the position on the mirror where the inside edges of the frame will be.

Step 4: Use Epoxy Glue

Follow the instructions on the package and mix thoroughly epoxy glue. Coat the wooden/PVC frame with a thin film of the glue, and place them on the mirror.

Step 5: Secure the Frame

Use clamps or painter's tape to secure the frame to the mirror until the epoxy dries. Once the glue dries completely remove the tape.

Step 6: Measure the Area of the Frame for using Adhesive Tape

Measure the area (length X width) of the frame with a tape measure. Transfer the measurements to the mirror adhesive tape and snip accurate sections.

Step7: Apply Adhesive Tape

Apply the mirror adhesive tape to the back of the frame. Remove the wax paper stuck on the tape.

Step 8: Bond the Mirror

Fix the frame onto the mirror, and press firmly, the tape adhesive glues to the mirror and bonds properly.


Use a discarded piece of glass to test how well the epoxy is going to work. Use mirror adhesive tape if the epoxy fails to work to an optimal level. Also, ensure the appropriate amount of epoxy is used; or else it can drip down the mirror. Use a quick setting epoxy that will bond with both wood and glass.