How to Hang a Ceiling Fan to Your Outdoor Pergola

What You'll Need
PVC Conduit

Outdoor pergolas are not only beautiful architectural elements, they add great versatility to your residence. The addition of a ceiling fan into your pergola increases that versatility by assuring comfort in hot weather. The following steps will help you install you ceiling fan in a few hours.

Step 1 - Locate the Center

First, you'll want to locate a center point where the fan will be installed. For this, you need to take a precise measurement to find the center of the pergola. Take this measurement and transfer it to the PVC conduit. After doing that, simply cut it with a hacksaw mentioned in the tools required for this installation.

Step 2 - Thread the Wires

Once you are done with the non-metallic building of the electrical wire via the conduit, you need to tighten it to the framing of the awning with the help of wire ties. Take glue and apply it on the pipe. Then insert it into the box of the junction. Next, cut off the excess of the non-metallic wires for the entire electrical joint. Start threading the non-metal electrical wires via the electric box and glue them tightly together.

Step 3 - Electrical Box Attachment

Make sure you line up the framing by drilling through the box and the frame. With the help of lock washers and nuts, slide the bolts through the holes and tighten the electrical box to the basic frame. Tighten the wires around the conduit.

Step 4 - Mount Brackets

Install the mounting bracket for the fan to the electrical box that is attached to the frame of awning. Use strong bolts and lock washers so that the bracket doesn’t loosen itself. Set the fan into the mounting bracket.

Step 5 - Resume Electrical Power

Strip the wires and trim them back from the fan. Connect the black and blue wires to the black wire. Blue is for the light on your fan. Match other colors of the wires. Put these wires into the electrical box and place on a decorative wrap up for it. Switch the power on and watch your fan work.