How to Hang a Drywall Ceiling

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Installing or putting up a drywall ceiling can be compared to hanging walls. The process of a drywall ceiling is somewhat more complex. Normally, home improvement stores have information on how the installation is done. At the same time, when the right materials are purchased and the right equipment is used, the job of hanging a drywall ceiling may be accomplished easily.

Gathering up the Necessary Tools and Equipment for the Job

Assemble all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment for the project. A hammer, drywall nails or screws, and a drill with a screwdriver bit are needed to start the job. You can rent a drywall jack at your local equipment/tool rental place if you do not own one. A drywall jack is used in holding a large rack to support the drywall positioned flat. The positioning should be raised or angled with a cable jack mechanism.

Make Markings

On the top plate of the wall, mark the ceiling rafters so it is easy to locate it once the drywall gets fastened to them. Measure a light fixture of choice from the drywall area and cut as needed.

Putting up the Drywall

Now put a sheet of drywall into the drywall jack. The correct way to do this is to always put the drywall on the jack with the finished side facing downward and raised up to the ceiling.

Positioning the Drywall

Find the right location for the drywall sheet for its installation. Position the end of the drywall to be at the center of the rafter. The edges of the drywall should be nailed securely. Then remove the jack. Apply the nails at a distance of about ½-inch from the exterior edge. This will ensure that the edges do not break.

Nailing the Drywall

Finish up putting nails to keep the drywall in place by using nails or screws and make sure that this is done securely. Distance the nails at 7 inches apart along the rafter. The nails or screws used should be embedded slightly so they cannot be seen. Use a drywall compound for this. For the embedding using a drywall screw gun, this action could be adjusted to ensure that the nails or screws used are the same way when put in.

Finishing up the Drywall Installation

If another piece of drywall should be added, remember to always match the factory edges. The edges should also be cut together. Wobble the joints row to row of the drywall. When the drywall is already hanging on the ceiling, the walls can be done next.

Hanging a drywall ceiling is a strenuous activity that should be done with a working partner. Always wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from objects like nails, dust, or screws when hanging a drywall ceiling.