How to Hang a Floating Wall Mantle

What You'll Need
Lag Screws

A floating wall mantle can be an excellent addition to your room or fireplace. Follow the simple steps below to effectively hang a floating mantle on your own.

Step 1: Mark Line 

Place the mantle against the wall where you want to fix it, and then draw a line on the wall to mark the location. Place a level beneath the line you drew. When positioning the level, make sure that the distance between the line and level is equivalent to the half the width of the mantle. Create a mark that is equal to the length of the mantle, and then use the level to draw small lines perpendicular to the mark.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Use a drill and ½-inch masonry bit to drill sleeve holes on the perpendicular lines that you just made. The hole must be drilled depending upon the mantle’s width. For instance, if the mantle is 5 inches thick, create a hole that is 1½ inches above the line.

Step 3: Insert Sleeves

Put in the sleeves into the holes, and then insert a lag screw of about 10 inches into each sleeve to properly secure it. When you tighten the screws, cut the lag screws’ heads with an angle grinder.

Step 4: Installation of Mantle

After applying construction adhesive on to the lag screws’ ends, slot in the mantle into the correct place. Finally, press it firmly against the lag screws.