How to Hang a Glass Bathroom Shelf

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What You'll Need
Power drill
Glass shelving kit

Adding a glass bathroom shelf is very useful. It does not need much maintenance. Cleaning is easy, and it is impervious to water or moisture. They are available at at home improvement stores. The installation process is really simple; it will take an hour or less. Glass bathroom shelves need to be handled with care. They are fragile; you have to be very careful when handling them.

Step 1 - Select a Place to Hang Glass Bathroom Shelf

Decide where to place the shelf. Take a pencil and a level to draw the model onto the wall. Place the level horizontally to the wall, then wait until the bubbles disappear. By doing so, you can be sure that the shelf will be hung straight.

Step 2 - Drill the Wall

Once you have finished the sample drawing, hold the bracket against the wall. Use the pencil to mark the spot to drill. Use a power drill carefully to drill holes on the wall. After drilling the holes, insert the fastener. You can hand press it; however, you can also use a hammer to tap it. The fastener should fill the hole before you apply the screws.

Step 3 - Place the Screws

The screws will be included with the shelf kit. Place the screws on the fasteners you have tapped using screwdriver.

Step 4 - Hang the Glass Bathroom Shelf

Check the screws to make sure they are strong enough to hold the shelf. You do not want the glass bathroom shelf to fall to the ground because of weak screws. When you are hanging it, make sure that every screw is inserted in the holes of the bracket. Lift the glass bathroom shelf carefully and place it on walls using the screws and holes in the bracket.