How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

What You'll Need
Wood Screws
Screw Eyes
Picture Wire
Heavy Mirror
Toggle Bolts
Mirror Clips
Stud Finder
Drill and Drill Bits

Hang a heavy mirror if you want your room to appear larger than it is. A large and heavy mirror hanging at your wall will not only make your room seemingly more spacious but it also serves as a light reflector convenient for rooms with small windows. Hanging a heavy mirror is not a difficult task. However, it requires assistance from a friend, especially if the weight of the mirror is greater than what a single person can lift or carry. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to hang a heavy mirror.

Step 1-Examine the Mirror

Examine the heavy mirror and determine if it has a frame. Make sure that the screw eyes on the frame are firmly secure. Check the picture wire if it is firmly twisted at the screw eyes.  

Step 2-Position the Mirror

Look for an ideal place for your heavy mirror. With a pencil, determine the center of the heavy mirror and mark 2 adjacent spots. Make sure that the 2 marked spots are level to each other.

Step 3-Locate the Studs

With a stud finder, determine if there is a stud behind the 2 marked spots you made on step 2. If there is a stud behind the 2 marked spots, drill a pilot hole on each spot with a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the wood screw that you are using. Insert the wood screw into the pilot hole and tighten using a screwdriver. Do not screw the wood screws all the way into the wall. Make sure that there is at least 1 inch of protruding wood screws which will serve as the hanging point for your heavy mirror. Place the heavy mirror on the wall and make sure that the picture wire is firmly attached to the wood screws.

If there is no stud behind your 2 marked spots, you can either reposition your heavy mirror location until you find a stud underneath your marked spots or use toggle bolts. Toggle bolts are perfect for hanging heavy objects on drywall.

Step 4-Hanging a Frameless Mirror (Optional)

For frameless heavy mirrors, install mirror clips. Mirror clips are clear plastic clips that can withstand the weight of heavy mirrors. Mark and measure the bottom portion of the heavy mirror and use a level to make sure that the heavy mirror is positioned straight and level on the wall. Mark the 2 spots with a pencil. Mark another 2 spots, this time mark the top area of the heavy mirror where the 2 mirror clips should be installed.

Using a stud finder, determine if there is a stud at your mark spots and then drill a pilot hole on each marked spot. Attach long wood screws in the holes and then attach the mirror clips on the wood screws. Attach the heavy mirror on the wall with the mirror clips. Make sure that the heavy mirror is level before tightening the mirror clips