How to Hang a Mirror on a Brick Wall

What You'll Need
5/16-inch masonry drill bit
Metal anchor (plastic can also be used)
Rubber mallet

Brick can be a dominating and beautiful feature in any home and adding a mirror to such a surface can break up the monotony as well as add character and function. If you have every tried to hang a mirror to brick you most likely were met with a hard reality: it is not easy. This article will show you how to hang a mirror on a brick wall or other brick surface such as a fireplace mantle.

Step 1 - Selecting the Right Anchor

You may think that brick is very sturdy and hard to break but, in fact, it is not. It is very hard and durable and, as such, can withstand much abuse from the elements be them outside the house or inside. Once you start hammering and drilling brick you begin to weaken it considerably. If you hang a heavy mirror to brick it could pull itself out of the wall and take chunks of brick with it. It is important to select an anchor to use with your mirror. The anchor acts as a support for not just the brick wall but also the mirror. Weigh the mirror you want to hang and go to the hardware store. Look at the anchors that they have a selection of and choose one that is rated for the weight of the mirror plus ten pounds. The more weight the anchor can handle the safer they will be for you. Metal anchors are also better than plastic unless you are planning on hanging the mirror outside.

Step 2 - Installing the Anchor

Look at the anchor package and find out the diameter of the anchor. Use a masonry drill bit that is the same diameter as the anchor. Decide where you want the mirror to be hung and slowly begin drilling the holes. Do not drill directly in to the brick because it will most likely crack when you do so. Instead, drill in to the mortar (the white or tan material between the bricks). The mortar is much softer which decreases the chances of it cracking. When your holes are drilled you can install the anchors. Place one of the metal anchors inside one of the drilled holes. They most likely will not simply slide inside the hole. You want the anchors to be snug. Use the rubber mallet and gently tap the anchor until it is fully inserted in to the mortar.

Step 3 - Hanging the Mirror

Now that the holes are drilled in the brick wall and the anchors are inserted, you can now hang the mirror. The hardware that came with the mirror should be perfect to hang it with now that the area in the brick is enforced. Read the instructions that came with the mirror. If your mirror doesn't have the screws then purchase some with the same diameter as the anchor. You may need to use an electric screwdriver in order to attach them.