How to Hang a Mirror in Your Shower

Lead Image
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5-300
What You'll Need
Fog-free shower mirror with accessories
Permanent marker
Double sided tape
Suction cups
Frame brace or cord
Shelf unit for the shower mirror

A shower mirror for shaving can be the ultimate comfort and time-saving tool in your daily routine. When you select a shower mirror, examine all the choices and their accessory features. Note the different methods for hanging them. Choose a fog-free shower mirror for the best results. Follow these steps to hang a shower mirror.

Choose Your Shower Mirror

Shower mirrors can be quite high-tech devices these days, with up to 5-power magnification, built-in LED lighting, clocks, and music players. Whichever type you choose, ensure that the mirror has been treated with a fog-free coating for maximum visibility. Purchase the correct battery sizes for lighting and music accessories.

Install on Dry Walls

Install the shower mirror when the shower walls are dry. If there is residual dampness, squeegee the area of the wall where you want to put the shower mirror and wipe it again with a chamois or thick bath towel.

Choose the Location

Right under the shower spray head is not always the best place for a shower mirror. You can choose to attach it to the glass shower door, to the tiles, or at the far end of the shower.

Mark the Location

Mark the top and bottom edges where you want to install the mirror with a permanent marker. Make sure you can see your lower face and neck in the mirror for shaving, and your upper face and eyebrows for tweezing or waxing.

Attach the Shower Mirror

If you want to use double-sided tape, put the tape pieces on the back of the shower mirror first, then carefully align it with the marks you made and press firmly.

If you want to use suction cups, attach them to the mirror first with the adhesive tabs. Align the mirror frame with your location markers and push the cups steadily onto the wall, sealing the topmost suction cup first.

For an articulated arm mirror, ensure that the frame brace or cord is long enough so that you can push it to the back of the shower arm and that it fits closely to the wall.

If you want to install a large mirror with audio accessories, shaving razor holders, and LED lighting you can simply install a separate shelf beneath the showerhead or attach it to the shower wall with screws or anchors to hold the weight of your high-tech mirror more securely.