How to Hang a Soccer Net on a Goalpost

What You'll Need
Soccer net

You need a soccer net in the goalposts to establish when a goal has been scored and to avoid chasing the ball when someone does shoot and score. Once you know how, they’re quite easy to hang. When packing and unpacking a soccer net, make sure that you don’t heave the net tangled; this can add a great deal of time to the process.

Step 1 - Measurement

A full size soccer goal is 16 feet long and 7 feet high. Be sure that you have the right size soccer net with you and that you haven’t brought one from a smaller training goal. Lay the net out on the ground behind the goal and check the length against the goalpost before proceeding.

Step 2 - Crossbar

Start by draping the net on the goalposts. You’ll need another person to help with this. Begin  by putting the top of the net over the crossbar, then spread the rest of the net to the sides. You don’t need to pull the back of the soccer net tight at this stage.

While the other person holds the net in place against the cross bar, cut a 2 feet length of twine and tie the center of the net to the center of the goalpost. From here, cut two 10-foot lengths of twine. Knot one end around the crossbar and then thread it through the net and over and round the crossbar to keep the net tight. Work out to the edge of the cross bar, and then pull the twine tight before knotting around the end of the crossbar. Repeat for the other side of the top of the net.

Step 3 - Side

At the uprights on each side of the goal, you’ll need to use 3 pieces of twine to attach the soccer net to the posts. Tie one on place at the top, one at the bottom and one in the middle, making sure the net is tight against the post. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4 - Slant

At this point, the net should be fairly tight over the framework of the posts. To keep everything really tight, use 2 pieces of twine on each of the slanting pieces of the goalpost to give good tension to the net.

Step 5 - Bottom

All that remains is to attach the net to the bottom of the goalpost. In some cases, there will be small hooks to which you can attach the net to keep it tight. Where you’re using non-fixed goalposts, you’ll need to attach with soccer net with twine all around the bottom of the goalposts.

It’s important to pull the net tight before tightening and tying each piece of twine. This will ensure the best fit for the net in the goalposts. Complete the installation by checking how tight the net is and adding twine in any loose sections. To remove the net, all you need to do is cut the twine.