How to Hang a Wicker Porch Swing

white wicker porch swing
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50

The sooner you hang up your new wicker porch swing, the quicker you can sink into it and relax. When you assemble and hang it carefully, your hanging porch swing will give you, your family, and your guests years of outdoor seating enjoyment.

Step 1 - Assemble the Wicker Porch Swing

A single-person wicker swing will be a teardrop shape with an oval opening. It will have a single support bracket attached to the frame at the top, and will hang by a single chain. Provide an unobstructed circle four feet in diameter around this type of porch swing. Check whether the swing chain is already secured. If not, attach it by the directions given.

A traditional chair-shaped, single seat will have four brackets, a pair each about 1/3 the distance across the back, and one on each armrest. These are affixed to the chair frame for strength. Loop each of the pair of hanging chains through the back bracket first, followed by the front bracket. The chair will hang from the midpoint of each chain length.

A two-person wicker porch swing will be about four feet across the back, with a chain system like the chair. Ensure the chains are attached correctly, and they are long enough to allow the swing to hang where you wish above the ground. Clear a six-foot circle around the chair and two-person swing. The seat section should be between 24 and 30 inches above the ground or floor surface.

Step 2 - Measure the Support Beam and Screw in the Porch Swing Hooks

Egg shaped wicker porch swing

Measure across the back of the standard chair-shaped, or two-person porch swing, to verify the distance between the support brackets. Add two inches to each end of that distance. If the brackets are three feet two inches apart on the two-person swing, drill the holes for the porch swing hooks three feet six inches apart. The chair brackets will be two feet apart. Drill the hook holes two feet four inches apart. Put each drill hole at least three feet from any obstruction such as walls, railings, and roof support pillars to give necessary clearance for both the armrests of the two-person seat, and the chair.

Use lag-and-eye screws that will support 250 pounds for the single chair. For the two-person sofa, use 500-pound-rated lag and eye screws, if the support beam is flush with the roof. If there is room above the beam, support the sofa with two eye bolts, and each end reinforced by a nut.

Step 3 - Hang up the Wicker Porch Swing

Hang the teardrop chair from an S-hook looped through a single lag-and-eye bolt. This type of chair is also ideal to hang from a tree branch. Hang the single-person open chair swing from the S-loop joined to each porch swing hook. If you wish to raise the chair, fasten the S-loop through a chain closer to the front armrest support bracket. Hang the two-person porch swing in the same manner as the open chair.