How to Hang a Wood Valance

A wood valance hangs down over the top portion of a window, enhancing the window's appearance and creating a unique effect in a room or home. Hanging a wood valance is a relatively easy task that can be done in a short period of time.

Necessary Materials

In most cases, you'll simply need to purchase a window valance kit that matches the size of your window frame. For this situation, measure out the length and height of the window frame and take that information with you to a home improvement store or wherever you plan to purchase the valance. Ensure that the valance that you buy is of the proper size and follow all installation instructions.

Set the Dowel

If you plan on hanging the valance without the use of a kit, you'll also need a dowel or a rod to span the width of the window frame and several bracket devices to attach the rod to either side of the frame. With the help of someone who can hold the rod in place, mark the location of the brackets on the sides of the frame. You can then install the rod and brackets accordingly. Hang the valance from the rod once it is entirely in place.