How to Hang Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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What You'll Need
Acoustic ceiling tiles
Work gloves
Tape measure
Drop ceiling frame
Utility knife

Acoustic ceiling tiles are tiles that are hung from the ceiling and used to dampen noise. These tiles can be found in dens, basement ceilings and other areas that are high traffic or are noisy. Hanging acoustic tiles is easy when using an existing ceiling tile frame.

It should be noted that acoustic ceiling tiles do not eliminate noise. This is a common misconception. Acoustic tile absorbs sound in order to make an area less noisy. Tightening the entrance way and ceiling in any area where noise creeps in helps to lower the noise level within a building.

Step 1 - Measure the Area Where the Tiles Will Be Installed

Using a tape measure, measure the area in the ceiling where you will hang the tiles. In most cases, an existing drop ceiling frame will be in place to allow you to hang the new tiles. If this is not the case, a drop ceiling frame can be purchased. The frame is fairly easy to install. The acoustic ceiling panels will be hung from the side rails.

Step 2 - Purchase Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

With the measurements taken and the drop ceiling frame in place, go to your local home improvement center to purchase the tiles. The individual tiles should match the length and width measurements of the individual frames. You may need to custom order tiles to fit in to an existing frame.

Purchase enough tiles to complete the installation with a few extra ones leftover. You can use them in the future as replacements when a tile is damaged or is in need of repair. The extra tiles can be stored in the garage or other storage area within the home.

Step 3 - Install Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Stand on a ladder to install the acoustic ceiling tiles. Place a tile between the frame opening and allow it to drop into place. The tiles are usually quite light; therefore, you should be able to complete the installation on your own. If necessary, you can ask a friend to help you complete the project.

Have a flashlight ready to see in dark areas in order to determine the proper fit of a tile. If a tile is too long or wide for a frame opening, use a utility knife to cut the portion of tile away necessary to fit it into place. Continue to add the acoustic ceiling tiles until the project is complete. Remove any debris or dust that may have fallen during the installation.