How to Hang Cube Shelves

What You'll Need
Cube shelves
Keyhole fasteners (2 per shelf)
3-inch drywall screws (2 per shelf)
Straight edge

Cube shelves can be installed in such a variety of arrangements that easy installation is desirable. The keyhole fastener system is not only simple, it is also a sturdy, reliable means of displaying your collections creatively. The use of keyhole fasteners would not be possible if you have decided to hang your cube shelves on point, as the keyhole must be perpendicular to the ground.


Step 1 - Mark Shelves and Attach Keyhole Fasteners

Lay the cube shelf face down on a clean, flat surface. Determine which edge is the top. Use a measuring tape and measure down 1 inch from the corner joint on each side. Check that the marks are level. Use the keyhole fasteners as a template to mark for pilot holes. Place the keyhole such that the slotted groove is pointed toward the top of the shelf. Mark the attachment holes. Drill pilot holes for each fastener (2 holes per fastener). With a screwdriver bit attached to a hand drill, attach the screws into the fasteners.

Step 2 - Mark Wall and Install Wood Screws

Determine where you would like the top elevation on your cube shelves to be installed. Measure the cube with the measuring tape to the top of the grooved opening of the keyhole fastener. Transfer this distance below the marked elevation of your cube shelves. If you are able to hang the shelves on a stud, use 3-inch wood screws, otherwise, use drywall anchors (installed per manufacturer’s instructions). Do not screw all the way into the wall. The screw needs to extend from the wall to allow room to hang the keyhole fastener. Check that wall screws are level.

Step 3 - Hang Shelves

With the screws in the wall sticking out as determined by keyhole fastener depth, hold shelf up to wall. Place the round, larger part of the keyhole over the wall screw heads. The weight of the shelf will allow the keyhole fastener to grip around the shaft of the screws, and the screw heads will be inside the fastener. Check the cube shelves for level.