How to Hang Drywall

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-80
What You'll Need
Drywall nails
Hammer or screw gun
Light source

Once you have completed the ceiling in your home, you need to hang drywall. Start by gathering all your tools and keeping them handy, as this will help you work quickly and efficiently. Remember to have good lighting so that you will be able to clearly see what you're doing.

Step 1 - Locate the Studs

Check whether the studs are placed correctly or not. This can be done by using a straight edge. If any of the studs are not in line with the rest, they will need to be aligned before you can attach the wallboard. Shim at the face of a low stud to bring it in place with the rest. If there are high spots on the studs, use a wood plane to scrape away the excess.

Step 2 - Hang the First Sheet

Hang the drywall with the bottom edge of the sheet resting on the floor. Place the sheet horizontally against the studs. The wall board has to be screwed into the studs. Use a drywall screw for this purpose. After attaching the first sheet, mark lines down the studs on the face of the drywall. This will assist you while driving in the screws. Continue by driving the screws into the studs at every 4 inches. Place each sheet one after the other systematically. Cover the entire wall.

Step 3 - Cut the Wallboard

Mark by measurement the area left on the wallboard that has to be cut. Use a level or a straight edge and etch along the mark with a utility knife. Turn the board around and pull the wallboard away from the cut and towards you. This will make the board snap. Now use a utility knife to cut the paper along the snapped area. In order to make the area even, use sandpaper and sand it lightly. This will even out the edges.

Step 4 - Stagger the Joints

After completing the first row, follow the same instructions to place the second row. In the event you have a partial sheet, use it to get a staggered joint. Not having it line up contributes to a stronger wall.

Step 5 - Mind the Gaps

Generally, a standard wall in a house will hold two sheets with a ½ inch gap. To counter this, you should hang the drywall so that the gap is closer to the floor. This gap can be covered later using a skirting or a baseboard. After installing two or more drywalls, place corner beads.

Step 6 - Add Finishes

Check to see that all the walls have the nails in place, and make sure you haven't missed any places. That's all there is to hanging drywall.