How to Hang French Door Curtains

  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Curtain rod
Electric drill
Drill bits
Electric screwdriver

French doors are a great look but offer little privacy, which is why people often decide to use French door curtains. The beauty of French doors is that they are large and allow a lot of light to enter the home. French door curtains allow the light to be filtered while providing privacy from neighbors. Nearly any fabric can be used to create French door curtains. The article below will show you how to easily install French door curtains.

Step 1 – Select French Door Curtains

There are two types of curtains you can buy your French door. Each style look great, are installed in the same manner but offer differences in style and use of the French doors. The first style is fitted to the glass of the French doors. They are installed around the inner trim of the doors to just cover the glass. These are readily one sheet of fabric on a curtain rod and do not open. The second kind of French door curtains are attached to the wall above the French doors and span the distance between the two. These curtains can be opened to allow light to come in or closed to provide privacy whenever you like.

Step 2 – Measuring

Use the measuring tape to take important measurements to determine the size of the curtains you need. If you are hanging the French door curtains above the doors, measure the width of the French doors plus 2 inches on both sides for a total of 4 inches. If hanging the curtains to cover the panes of the doors, measure the width of the pane of the glass and add 1 inch to each side for a total of 2 inches.

Step 3 – Curtain Rods

With measurements in hand you can now purchase the right curtains and curtain rods for the French doors. If your curtains will be hanging down from the wall, you will only need one curtain rod. If you chose to hang curtains over each pane, you will need to buy four curtain rods. Two sets (top and bottom) for each French door. This type of curtain rod is often narrow and more functional than decorative unlike the latter where you will have many choices.

Step 4 – Pilot Holes

Use the measurements from before and mark where the curtains are to be hung. Use the level to make sure they will be straight and level. Keep in mind that curtains hung over the panes in the French doors should be taut and not loose. Choose a drill bit that is smaller in diameter than the screws for the curtain rod brackets. Create shallow pilot holes for each screw hole you marked.

Step 5 – Install the French Door Curtain Rods

You can now install the French door curtains. Mount the brackets to the French doors with the screws. Center the brackets and test fit the rods. Remove the rods and thread the curtains on them, then place the curtain rods back on the brackets.