How to Hang Gazebo Netting

What You'll Need
Metal chains
Or Ribbons
Wire cutters

If you want to decorate a gazebo, netting is the ideal solution. You can hang netting, or tulle around your gazebo during special occasions, or simply to provide a shaded spot for the summer time. Adding gazebo netting to your outside space is not too difficult and you should be able to complete this without much effort.

Step 1 - Make the Frame

Build a metal frame for your gazebo netting using a suitable hula hoop and some of the metal chains. Begin by painting the hoop and leave to dry. You can then add the chains around the edges of the hoop, one every 2 inches or so.

Step 2 - Add the Netting

Gather together a large amount of your netting, around four yards should be enough. Cut this out using scissors or wire cutters. Wind this around the hoop until you have covered the whole of the ring. The netting should be overlapping enough so that it will not slide around when you are fitting the ring.

Step 3 - Fit the Netting

Screw your hooks into the ceiling of your gazebo. Take the chains from your hoop, and attach them together using the string. Hang the chains on the hook, and then use the string to pull up the netting. Attach ribbons to the end.