How to Hang New Sliding Closet Doors Part 2

What You'll Need
Circular saw with a sharp blade
Straight edge
Razor knife
Tape measure
Set of saw horses
Masking tape

The height of the openings for sliding closet doors may vary to some degree due to a number of factors. Some are custom designed to suit the owner’s preference, while others use standard openings to save cutting a standard sized door. For those wanting to cut a closet door to fit, some information about which tools to use and the techniques to employ to successfully accomplish this are offered below.

Step 1 – Measure and Trim

Before beginning work, tape some cloth or cardboard to the top of the sawhorses. This will prevent the closet doors being scratched when they are lying across them. Measure the height of the closet door opening from the floor with the tape measure and then subtract a half an inch from this measurement. As an example, if the height of the opening is 80 inches, the door would need to be 79 ½ inches high. Now place the door across the sawhorses and measure from the top to the bottom of the door. Place a mark on each side of the door. With the straightedge draw a straight line across the bottom of the door on both sides. Without removing the straightedge, score the door along the same line with the razor knife. This will prevent the door from splintering when it is being cut. Run a strip of masking tape around the door on the mark and mark again on top of the masking tape. The tape will also help prevent the wood from splintering. Start cutting slowly. Keep the bottom of the door to the right, which will give you a larger area for supporting the saw base. Once the door has been cut, use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

Step 2 – Install the Top Track

It is usually preferable to install a new hanging track when hanging new closet doors. Using a screwdriver, remove the old track from the door opening. It is not necessary to retain the old top track. There is no need to replace the bottom track unless it is severely damaged. Cut the new top track the same length as the old track using a hacksaw. Fix the new track in place of the old one using the new screws. Ensure the screws are seated well to avoid interfering with the rollers.

Step 3 – Attaching the Rollers

On the top of the door make a mark 3 inches in from both edges. Mark the center line of the doors thickness between the first two marks. This will be the center line for the rollers. Put the roller assembly on the center line with its edge on the 3 inch mark. The center of the roller wheel should be over the center line of the door and the open side of the roller should match the top tracks open side. Mark the top of the door through the roller assembly's screw holes. Do this for the other roller assembly too. Make holes for starting the screws with an awl or a nail. Screw the rollers onto the top of the door. The door is now ready to be hung on the track.