How to Hang Pivot Frameless Shower Doors

What You'll Need
Pivot hinges
Screwdriver or Screw bit
Caulk sealant
Frameless shower door

If you have a frameless shower door you can use a pivot hinge to hang the door. The pivot frame is another type of hinge hardware that is used to attach a door to the frame of the shower. Hanging a pivot frameless shower door can be done as it a do-it-yourself project for the handy person with the skills and patience to perform the installation. 

Depending on the type of shower entry that you have, make sure that you have enough clearance to properly pivot the shower door on the pivot so it seals properly and also that it does not swing out and become damaged or cause harm to anyone using the shower.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

For this project you will need to purchase a pivot hinge from your local home improvement center or hardware store. You will also need caulk and a frameless shower door to install. Prior to these purchases take measurements of the shower entry in order to get the right frameless shower door for installation. You may need to special order or have the frameless shower door custom built and delivered to you in order to complete the installation.

Step 2: Attach the Pivot Hinge

Depending on the type of pivot hinge that you purchased for the project, you will need to make markings on the shower door frame in order to attach the pivot hinge. From your markings, use a drill to carefully make a hole into the frame of the bathroom shower. This is especially important if you are working with glass tiles because if you place too much pressure on the drill while making holes with the drill you will cause cracks to occur that need to be fixed before you can proceed with project.

Once the holes have been made into the shower frame, take a screwdriver in order to attach the hinges. This will now make it possible to attach the frameless shower door to the hinge to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Attach the Frameless Shower Door to the Shower Frame

Carefully lift the frameless shower door into position and ease it on to the pivot hinge. The hinge should be positioned for an equal distribution of weight throughout the door in order to properly attach it without it coming out of the hinge and crashing to the floor. Use a scewdriver to attach the hinge to the frameless shower door in the pre-drilled holes that you made for that purpose.

Step 4: Test the Pivot Frameless Shower Door

Once you attach the pivot hinge to  the frameless shower door, practice opening and closing the door in order to test the swing clearance as well as to see if the frameless shower door closes properly. The door should close and form a tight seal against the frame of the shower and swing out without hitting anything.