How to Hang Roman Shades on French Doors

What You'll Need
Tape measure and pencil
2 roman shade hanging assemblies pre-cut for French doors
2 sets of dual adhesive velcro strips
1-inch wood screws and screwdriver
Power drill

Roman shades lend privacy and charm to rooms divided by the glass panels of French doors. Hang your roman shades well inside each door frame so they do not interfere with the action of opening and closing the doors. Follow these guidelines to hang your custom-made roman shades on your French doors.

Step 1: Measure the French Door Windows

With the tape measure, determine the length and width of the French door windows. Decide on which side of the door you will hang the roman shades. Put them on the side facing inward to the room needing privacy. Measure the top width of the French door shade hanging assembly to center it over the window panel. Hold the top rail assemblies of the hanging kit up to each door and draw a pencil outline of where you wish to hang them.

Step 2: Affix the Loop Velcro Strip to the Top Rail Assembly

Pull off the protective backing from the adhesive side of the loop strip of each set of velcro strips and affix it to the front of the top rail assembly for each door. top rail. Align the loop strip as closely as possible to the edges of the top rail and press it on firmly.

Step 3: Attach Each Top Rail Assembly to the Doors

With a power drill, carefully make shallow holes into the door through the screw holes in the top rail assembly. Avoid piercing the door. Using convex-topped screws, attach the top rail assembly to each door.

Step 4: Thread the Shade Cords Through the Top Rail Eyelets

For each roman shade, extend its cords out fully so the shade is flat. Place the shade on a chair near the door. Turn the shade over so the back of the shade is upward. Affix the hook side of the velcro strip to the rear side of the shade top above the cord ends, and press it on solidly with no ripples or air gaps. Lift each cord and thread it through the corresponding cord eyelet on the top rail, so that the cords will hang from the side of the shade away from the door handles. The left-side shade's cords should hang down the left side, and the right-side shade's cords on the right. 

Step 5: Press the Shade's Velcro Strip onto the Top Rail Assembly

Match up the hook and loop portions of the velcro strips on the shade and top rail, and press them together snugly on each side of the French door.

Step 6: Test the Operation of the French Door Shades

Pull each set of shades up and down a few times to test that all the components are attached firmly and function correctly. Adjust the top rail or the shade itself to correct any problems with uneven pulling or bunching. Use a hand steamer to steam the length of each shade to reduce stiffness and help it fold more smoothly.