How to Hang Scarf Window Valances

What You'll Need
Scarf valance
Cordless drill
Drapery hardware
Drapery rods or poles
Decorative hardware

Scarf window valances are décors that can accentuate a window like heavy curtains or draperies. This kind of accent gives a bare window a lift when a blinds or light curtains are used. Hanging a scarf window valance is easy and practical to do. It simply needs a little creativity touch to put it into form. It is not time consuming to do as long as the right equipment and materials are readily available. A hand scarf window valance will give spark to a simple window in a home or office space. Below are the materials along with the instructions on how to hand scarf window valances.

Step 1 - Plan your Design

The right drapery hardware and rods to use should be installed. Since the scarf valance can not fully cover the rods or poles used, it is best to choose the ones that are well-coordinated with the valance design. The installation of brackets for the rods and decorative sconces may be needed depending on the kind of rods being used.

Step 2 - Attach the Wall Brackets

The installation starts off with the attachment of brackets to the wall with the use of a cordless drill. Drill bracket screws securely into the wall. If decorative sconces are used, it is best that only screws are installed because most sconces already have built-in brackets.

Step 3 - Valance Style

Determine what design and how the scarf valance will appear on the rods. This will help out in deciding whether decorations such as bows, ribbons, wood or metal rings and decorative sconces will be placed at the ends of the rods or poles. If any décor type is decided to be placed at the pole or rod’s ends, the scarf valance should be placed in such a way that it does not cover the end parts to hide the accents placed.

Step 4 - Decorative Rings 

If you prefer using decorative rings, thread or run the valance through the rings that are hung on the rod. If rings are not used, the scarf valance may directly be draped over the curtain rod or pole.

Step 5 - Check the Position

As one scarf valance is placed in a window, step back and check the balance on the appearance. Make adjustments on how the placement on the scarf valance should be. It may take a few attempts to have the right appearance of the valance on the rods or poles to suit one’s taste.

Step 6 - Final Check

Determine the depth of the slopes of the scarf valance in the middle part of the window. From that point, balance out what the length of the valance should be placed at the side areas. The overall look of the scarf valance is dependent on one’s personal taste which will show the creativity of the designer. There is no rule to perfect balance in this kind of décor but how the total will show is the gauge of its beauty.