How To Hang Wallpaper Borders

A wallpaper border can add a custom look to any home. They are relatively easy to hang as long as you have patience and follow the directions carefully.

Materials Needed:

-Wallpaper Paste
-Seam Roller
-Wallpaper Adhesive
-Wallpaper Border
-A friend
-A ladder or stepstool

Step 1- Measure the Room

The first thing you need to do is measure the room you are wanting to hang the wallpaper in. Measure the entire perimeter of the room, including windows and doors. Of course you aren’t going to hang on the doors, but allowing this extra space in will help you plan for waste.

Step 2- Purchase Border from the Same Lot

With your measurements you can purchase your border. You want to make sure you get all the wallpaper borders at the same time from the same store. Even though borders are mass produced, there can be slight variations in color and pattern from different lot runs. You can avoid any paper from looking out of place by purchasing everything at the same time from the same lot run.

Step 3- Prepare the Border

Use the wallpaper paste to prepare the border. You will want to apply this in an accordion type pattern. Gently fold over the border making sure you don’t crease it. Let the paper sit to the side for a few minutes before you apply it. This will make the border much easier to hang up.

Step 4- Start Hanging First Strip

Hang the border in place going over it with a damp sponge as you work. The sponge will take the air bubbles out making the border look seamless and even. This is when your friend will come in handy. They can hold the border left at the end as you work with it.

Step 5- Repeat Pattern for Second Strip

Check the repeat pattern on the paper and prepare the second strip for installation. To make the seam invisible you will need to cut through the overlap of both pieces at the same time. Use a straight edge to give you a cutting guide. Be careful as you peel the extra material off. Use the seam roller to make the seam disappear and stay even.

Step 6- Working with Corner  

Corners can be tricky. You can overlap the corners by about two inches and use a high quality wallpaper glue to adhere the overlap to the wall. This will help keep the border up and prevent it from falling down later on.

The border is now in place. You need to allow time for it to dry and adhere. If you notice bubbles forming as it dries use the damp sponge to get these out. Be careful not to adjust the positioning of the paper too much as it can stretch and become loose.

If you’ve hung the paper in a bathroom try to wait at least 48 hours before running the shower or hot water. This will allow enough time for the adhesive to dry and the humidity won’t pull it down.